World of Warcraft cake makes our mouths water: It’s amazing, WoW!


Not only do we love World of Warcraft, but we love eating cake too! Sometimes both at the same time. Posted on the ArsTechnica forum is this beautiful example of what a mixture of creativity and baking prowess can create. All we can say about this is….well, WoW!

My good friend makes kick-ass cakes as a hobby. Last year she started dating my old roomate who plays World of Warcraft a fair amount around his job; for Christmas she aquired a “WoW stole my boyfriend” t-shirt.

She is good-natured about his love of Warcraft, however, as shown by the birthday cake she made him three weeks ago

To the boyfriend, we say “You lucky, geek!”. To the girlfriend, “Don’t worry. You are not the first to lose their loved one to a video game. In fact, Wolfenstein had a horrible effect on my relationship with my first girlfriend when I was 11.” And that does it for our relationship counseling.

Anyway, the cake looks great and we would love to just sink our teeth into it, but sadly our girlfriends don’t bake. Wait…we don’t have girlfriends. *sigh*


Andrew Dobrow

WoW: Best birthday cake evar [ArsTechnica Forum, via Destructoid]

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