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Steve Jobs Is Not Dead

The Internet can be hazardous to your health. Such is the case when some random prankster decided to fabricate a lie that said Apple CEO Steve Jobs suffered a heart attack. Shortly after, Apple’s mouthpiece stated that the rumors just simply weren’t true. Why do people make this shit up? I can think of nothing less funny than a heart ...

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I Guess Everyone Drinks Kool-Aid Nowadays

I’ve got a problem and it’s with my former employer Michael Arrington. It’s not a personal problem at all, it’s just that he’s not making sense when it comes to his little Firefox Tablet he’s trying to build. Oh, and be warned – the page is bogged down by a gazillion comments, which brings me to my main point: Michael ...

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Parametric Bookshelves Probably Have A Trust Fund

Parametric Bookshelves look hip, sensible and certainly colorful. But unfortunately, there’s more than meets the eye. See, these bookshelves are the product of some clusterfuck orgy between Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Italian architectural firm Tiazzoldi and Research Lab NSU. Essentially, it’s an ivy-league bookshelf that is so pretentious, it only holds Ayn Rand novels. Sounds pretty rad and ...

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God Hates Us: AAAA Batteries Intro’d

You know what? Fuck Energizer and fuck that stupid pink bunny who keeps going and going. Batteries suck. I hate paying $4 for a 9V battery as much as you do. In fact, it’s absolute bullshit. So as a bullshit company, it makes perfect sense for Energizer to introduce yet another battery format to the market. This time around, it’s ...

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