Parametric Bookshelves Probably Have A Trust Fund

Parametric Bookshelves look hip, sensible and certainly colorful. But unfortunately, there’s more than meets the eye. See, these bookshelves are the product of some clusterfuck orgy between Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Italian architectural firm Tiazzoldi and Research Lab NSU. Essentially, it’s an ivy-league bookshelf that is so pretentious, it only holds Ayn Rand novels.

Sounds pretty rad and all, save for the pretentiousness, right? Wrong! You just bought a fucking bookshelf for holding shoes!

Parametric Stalactites is the new design proposal by for a luxury Italian shoe brand. It has been conceived as an adaptable layout for a shoe store.

Boom. Have a colorful living room? Might as well get one of these.


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