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New Super Material is Stronger Than Kevlar and Stainless Steel

Bulletproof Kevlar and stainless steel. What do they have in common? They share an extreme strength and hardness, unparalleled by many other substances. In fact, up until this point, bulletproof Kevlar was the hardest organic material ever discovered. Though Israeli researchers have forced Kevlar to take a back seat to a new material which is not only harder than Kevlar, ...

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Bulletproof Heart Will Save Your Poor Emo Soul

If you’ve been looking for that perfect gadget to give your little bratty 12-year-old daughter who just happens to find My Chemical Romance “mucho suave,” as the kids say these days, the bulletproof heart, designed by J�rg H�ltje, might be just the ticket to insure she is the coolest little hipster bitch in her middle school. Strategically designed to ward ...

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