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So You Think You Know NASA?

NASA Funding

According to one of Steve's most recent posts Neil deGrass Tyson goes down as noting that the 2008 bank bailout was "larger than the total 50 year history of NASA'S budget." This prompted Steve to go looking at how the tax dollars of the people of the United States are prioritized. Steve came up with this table to help to show the difference between science and military spending.

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Make Your Own Stormtrooper Helmet Out of Milk Jugs

Whatever your preferred breed of evil might be, whether you enjoy desert living or the advantages of blending into a crowd, there are ways to purchase a helmet solution for any path you desire to take. But never before has there been such an easy way to create your very own Stormtrooper Helmet, using only two empty gallon milk jugs, ...

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NY Daily News Budget Gadgets Roundup

If you’re in New York City, pick up a copy of the NY Daily News today. I’ve done a nice little roundup on budget gadgets that are perfect for the holidays. Thanks to the NYDN for giving us a shout out. If you’d like to read it online, the link is below. Link

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Control Your Debt! No… This is Not A Spam Post

Control Your Debt might not be the best post title for a series gadget blog (us? serious? psh). This is no spam post. In fact, this gadget is a pretty cool digital wallet which allows for multiple ways to control and moderate your budget, while resembling the sleek design of the credit card of the future. You can monitor your ...

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Super cheap DH-S600 speakers fit anyone’s budget

If you were to look at the price of these small speakers, you would think that they were being sold at Target during their after-Christmas sale. Fortunately, the price of $12 will stay for as long as you wish, or at least until Dunherm stops making them. These DH-S600 speakers are very simple, sleek and get the job done. Each ...

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