Super cheap DH-S600 speakers fit anyone’s budget

dunherm dh-s600

If you were to look at the price of these small speakers, you would think that they were being sold at Target during their after-Christmas sale. Fortunately, the price of $12 will stay for as long as you wish, or at least until Dunherm stops making them. These DH-S600 speakers are very simple, sleek and get the job done. Each speaker has a 1.7 inch drive unit that, while won’t get as loud as your brand new Bose speakers, will be very nice for your new iPod you got for Christmas. These speakers are enclosed in a smooth white or black case, and as an added bonus, there is a 3.5 stereo jack on the side. Why you need a headphone jack on speakers is unknown, but it probably costs Dunherm next to nothing to add them on. So whether you are on the road, seated by your computer, or out in the middle of the desert… the DH-S600 speakers will play your music while not breaking, or even impacting your wallet.

dunherm dh-s600

dunherm dh-s600

Nik Gomez

DUNHERM to Introduce 2-channel PC Speakers for Under $12 [GizmoWatch]

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