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F*ck Me, Ray Bradbury: The Music Video

Perhaps the most literate video you’ll ever fap to, “Fuck Me, Ray Bradbury” is the work of Rachel Bloom, also known by her YouTube username racheldoesstuff. Featuring intelligent double entendre, beautiful mammaries and more references to The Halloween Tree than you could shake a fairly weak and fragile stick at, Bloom uses alterna-pop as a launching pad for her literary ...

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“Things Better Than Boobs” Book is Predictably Short

At only 128 pages (which is surprisingly lengthy and likely filled with awful lies) the book “Things Better Than Boobs” sounds like it’s about 125 pages too long. This book would be great for reading on the john. Maybe as a coffee table book? Screw guests, this is for me. Though I’m suspicious of anything that promises more than they ...

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Sexiest Piece of Paper Ever

Just how much can a little crafty paper folding and light trickery do? The answer to this question can be found above. The photo is simply a cleverly folded piece of paper which happens to strikingly resemble an attractive pair of mammaries. If it’s wrong to be aroused, I don’t want to be right, baby. Link

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BraDryer: Show Those Tits Who’s Boss

I love bras. It may seem odd considering that I’m a male, but think of it like this: bras hold boobs. See? I just pulled some motherfucking algebra out on you. The BraDryer is a concept device that would keep those more expensive bras in tit-top shape. Puns aside, it’s actually a half-decent idea. I had no idea that those ...

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USB Breast Warmers Are Gearfuse-certified

Hi, I’m Doctor Vincent Veneziani B.D.. I’ll be your breast doctor for today. Please remove your shirt. Thanks. Hmmm, good feel. Nice and firm. Not too big. I’d say you’re healthy. What’s this, though? You’re always cold? No problem. Try these USB breast warmers out. Where did I get them? Where else? Thanko! Just plug them in and I promise ...

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25 of the Sexiest Video Game Babes Ever

We like girls. Pixels, polygons and even cosplay, the girls of gaming come in all shapes and sizes. But for this list they can come in only one shape: curvy. We’ve selected 25 of the sexiest video game babes EVER. So while you’re relaxing at the beach with your laptop this July 4th weekend, we thought it’d be nice to ...

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