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LG officially releases dual format HD-DVD BluDisc player

Remember last week, all of the news stories of a new LG DVD player that had broken the barrier that stood between the new next gen DVD formats? That player, the BH100, has officially been released at CES. Any new news? Yes, they also announced that there will be a drive for the PC released also due in Q1 of ...

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Samsung BD-P1200, v2, but still breaking the bank

So maybe you would rather spend $800 on a BluDisc player rather than spend $600 on a PS3. Why? No clue. But if that’s something that you find attractive, the Samsung BD-P1200 is definitely your device. It is Smasung’s 2nd generation BluDisc player, and it does look very attractive from a design standpoint. A nice combination of slick lines and ...

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