Samsung BD-P1200, v2, but still breaking the bank

samsung bd-p1200

So maybe you would rather spend $800 on a BluDisc player rather than spend $600 on a PS3. Why? No clue. But if that’s something that you find attractive, the Samsung BD-P1200 is definitely your device. It is Smasung’s 2nd generation BluDisc player, and it does look very attractive from a design standpoint. A nice combination of slick lines and rounded curve give it a very techno-friendly asthetic that would look beautiful in your media cabinet. But you really can’t forget about that price tag. Apparently, Sony is the only one willing to take a loss on products (PS3). So why are these BluDisc players so damn expensive? Samsung isn’t going to make any money back in game purchases like Sony. The blue laser diodes are still in high demand, and more demand=higher prices. This product will be available in March of this year, and it will support BD/CD/DVD format and 1920 �1080 (full 1080p) playback.

Another nice feature? It will upscale your regular DVDs to 720p, 1080i and 1080p resolutions! High def is created where there was no high def before, seems like magic. If you aren’t into specs, a little thing you might like is the fact that you can change the fonts and color of subtitles, menus and backgrounds. Nice little finishing touches.

samsung bd-p1200

samsung bd-p1200

Nik Gomez

Samsung’s 2nd gen BD player, the BD-P1200  for $799  [Gadgetell]

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