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WWJP: What Would Jesus Play?

Amen. Photographed outside of a cathedral in Berlin, Germany by Flickr user Ben Scicluna. Not only was Jesus assembled for your sins, he was assembled for your pleasures as well. Link [via]

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Fixing a Hole: Guy Fixes WWII-Damaged German Buildings with LEGO Bricks

Germany took some serious damage in WWII. Just because they were kicking some ass for a few years doesn’t mean they didn’t get what was coming to them. To this day, many German buildings show the damage they sustained during the war. Jan (pronounced “Yahn,” I suppose) Vormann’s project Dispatchwork has been showing itself, piece by piece, throughout Berlin, in ...

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Carcade Raises Accident Awareness

The ultimate gaming rig has now become your car. It doesn’t sport the powerhouse graphics offered by the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 nor the gimmicky bullshit that encompasses the Nintendo Wii, but it does have a cool name: the Carcade. Students at the Berlin University of the Arts designed this “augmented reality in-car videogame” which utilizes a laptop and ...

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