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Simon Belt Buckle Is Completely Playable

You're not a child of the 80's if you didn't play Simon at some point in your childhood. The much-copied electronic memory game became the model of where toys were heading the next decade. And now you can wear it as a fashion accessory.

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Belt Buckle Made Using Recycled NES Controller

I’ve never wanted to touch a man’s belt this bad. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever wanted to touch a man’s anything… ever. But whenever I see a NES controller there’s something instinctual about my brain that makes my hand instantly reach out and tap the buttons, even if there’s no console in sight. Seriously dude, get away from me ...

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Belt Buckle with Secret Sliding Condom Compartment

Keeping your condoms in your wallet isn’t always the smartest thing to do. Sure, it provides quick access whenever you might need one, but the constant folding and battering of the wallet is sure to cause some leakage issues. And that just isn’t going to work. This concept Belt Buckle design includes a special hidden sliding compartment made to hold ...

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LEGO Belt Buckle Brings Bricks to your No-No Region

It’s difficult not to have a hard-on for LEGO bricks when you live in the world of the geek. Everywhere you turn is another awesome or surprisingly useful implementation of these versatile bricks. Crafty designers Dee & Ricky have composed a set of LEGO-inspired fashion which includes this awesome LEGO Brick Belt Buckle. Also included are various bow-ties, headbands and ...

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Belt Buckle MP3 Player

This belt buckle features a hand-built MP3 player using a kit from Sparkfun Electronics. You can change tracks by tilting your buckle thanks to an accelerometer and songs are stored via an SD card. You can’t buy the buckle as a kit, but you can buy the music player itself and create your own music-playing apparel. Perhaps if you put ...

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