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Nike’s Lightning Bolts BMX Art Show

Nike recently held an art show in Beijing, China to showcase the history of BMX. All the pros and legends turned out for the event, including Bob Haro, Eddie Fiola and Mat Hoffman. With the spotlight the original Haro Lightning Bolts racing plates, artists showed off their customized plates with many paying tribute to the riding style of the past. ...

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Greenpix Zero Energy Wall Is Massively Colorful

Excitement is mounting about the Olympics in Beijing. Some pretty extravagant arrangements are being erected (LOLz, erect) to show off Beijing’s growing environmental friendliness. The Greenpix Zero Energy Wall stands at the Xicui entertainment complex near the site of the Olympic Games. The Greenpix wall uses a combination of the largest color LED display technology with a photovoltaic system, which ...

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Chinese government to control the weather at the Olympic Games

Those mad scientists over in China have a crazy scheme hatched to make sure that nothing rains on their parade. The Beijing Olympics are rapidly approaching and with China’s renown downpours, cynics have dashed hope on a happy Olympic outing in the motherland. The Chinese government has decided to take nature into their own hands. They plan on using new ...

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