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Geek Squad Installs Gaming Systems For The Technically Confused

Who would’ve thought that all of those AV nerds in high school would one day work on Best Buy’s Geek Squad. If geeks you know haven’t gotten a job on the squad then your next bet is to check your local Radio Shack. This holiday season, it’s not Radio Shack trying to steal your money with cheap RC cars and ...

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Nature’s Night Lights

Ryan was showing me some video of a hornet killing a cicada whilst we discussed posts about bugs. Then, I suddenly stumbled upon this video of a glowing trilobite beetle. Watch how it lights up in the dark like a raver’s glowstick. The ‘net doesn’t say too much about the creature but I did find this information on Mahalo: The ...

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Robot Uses Artificial Beetle Juice To Cling To Gut

With all this RFID implant business going on, the Magic School Bus days are getting closer and closer. We already have a pill that’ll show you your insides, so what’s next? How about a robot you can swallow that attaches to your intestinal wall which can then perform biopsies, deliver drugs, or administer localized treatment to your gut? Metin Sitti, ...

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Building A LEGO VW Beetle Won’t Make You A Nazi

Volkswagen owners are really passionate about their cars. My buddy Raymond owns a GTI and puts like $10,000 into it each year. That’s a lot of money, so why not go for something a little more affordable? For $120, you can score this 1626 piece VW Beetle LEGO kit. Based on a 1960 ‘Charlotte’ model, the VW is 16″ long ...

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First ever Universal Phone Charger

We no longer live in the time of one device call management. People these days own up to four phones sometimes because of their crazy work habits! Crazy, yes, but we’ve seen it happen. The first ever Universal Phone Charger is being shown this week at CEBIT. The AnyFix charger is the product of Prof. Luigi (fitting name for one ...

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