First ever Universal Phone Charger


We no longer live in the time of one device call management. People these days own up to four phones sometimes because of their crazy work habits! Crazy, yes, but we’ve seen it happen. The first ever Universal Phone Charger is being shown this week at CEBIT. The AnyFix charger is the product of Prof. Luigi (fitting name for one in the tech industry) Colani, an 80-year-old veteran of the field of industrial design. AnyFix can charge 80% of European cell phones, including all major brand names.

Charging your phone with AnyFix is as easy as pressing a button for the correct corresponding charge. The charger is a product of a totally bio-designed idea. It takes its sleek form from the Dytiskus Marginalis, a 3.5 cm long beetle which can travel underwater at speeds up to 4 meters per second thanks to its streamline body shape. Colani is known for his groundbreaking designs in the auto and aviation field. If the AnyFix does what it says it can, you can add mobile to that list. — Andrew Dobrow


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