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Beard Flask: For Drinkers Incapable of Growing Their Own

It’s a sad state of affairs, but some people are incapable of growing facial hair that amounts to more than a few sparse patches of fuzz. While that really is a shame all in its self, not having a beard and carrying a flask makes you look more like an alcoholic than a salty fisherman. I’d much rather look like ...

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Beard Beanie Releases Your Inner Chuck Norris

I know that it’s barely summer and you really don’t want to even start thinking about your winter wear for another few months, but I wouldn’t want any of you to miss out on the hottest styles of fall and winter 2010. The Beard Beanie is sure to be a game changer as this year’s cold season looms over the ...

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Batman with a Beard: Adding Beards to Beardless Characters

Just as I always wondered what my favorite mustachioed people of history looked like without their trademark facial hair, I’ve equally wondered what some of my favorite film and game characters would look like with added beards. It’s a thought that has plagued my dreams for years, but having no talent for art myself, and having no magical beard growing ...

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Who Has The Best Beard In Silicon Valley?

Beards are the “in” fashion statement for the elite members of Silicon Valley. Steve Jobs has his scruffy and sparse facial hair, Steve Wozniak’s face features a fuller version and Fortune Magazine’s choice for Best Beard, Stewart Butterfield from Flickr, features a closely cropped, clean beard. After holding their own internal competition, Fortune.com is asking one question: “Who has the ...

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Cool Stuff We Missed – 11/21/07

Space Invader Alarm Clock [SciFi] – A retro touch for nightmares of extraterrestrial abductions. Anal probe not included. Solar Powered Wheelchairs [Ecofriend] – For the much targeted “Eco-thinking amputee” demographic. The Bearded Cap [Core77] – A winter cap that makes you looks like you have a nice beard.*Insert Chuck Norris quip here.* Super Mario Galaxy Sells A Shitload [Kotaku] – ...

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