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Dust-laden Hayabusa returns to Earth

IN 2005, the Japanese probe Hayabusa made its rendezvous with Itowaka, a five-hundred-meter long, sausage-shaped asteroid whose circular orbit intersects that of Earth. Yesterday, Japan's space agency announced that the probe had collected the first material ever gathered from an asteroid and delivered successfully to Earth.

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PRO-Keds Arcade Shoes unleash the geek

PRO-Keds has announced there Imelda Macros-sized collection of arcade-themed kicks for total retro goodness. Not only are they hip to wear around the old change machine at the arcade, but are also a geek-chic addition to any style collection. The shoes come in a selection of Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man, Centipede, Asteroid, Super Mario Bros, and Galaga. These would look great ...

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