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Russian Roulette For Kids

We here at Gearfuse are advocates of teaching the next generation only the best values. Really treating them with kid gloves. Show authorities respect, never say anything you wouldn’t want said to you, always make sure your gun is loaded with only one bullet. You know, the good stuff. The Kaba Kick from where else by Asia is pretty much ...

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Gaming Phone Features Full-Size Controller

The T680 from utec has taken gaming on a cell phone to a whole new level thanks to a full-sized controller attachment. I’m not sure what kind of games are available on this thing, but I do know that it supports Java/GB/GBC. Other features include a 2.2 inch QVGA 260K color touchscreen, a 2 MP camera, microSD, 87MB of memory, ...

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Guitar Hero III announced, and this time it’s 80’s themed

Time to stock up on neon clothes and hairspray. Activision has announced plans for the production of a third installment to the popular Guitar Hero series of games with Guitar Hero: Rocks The 80’s. So far the game is only said to be for PS2, but really little is actually known in the first place.i A few songs have already ...

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