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Sonic Bomb: the obnoxiously loud alarm clock

Sleeping might be the ultimate waste of time, but it’s an essential act of most humans to live a productive life (any life, really). Some people love sleeping and some people can’t sleep at all, but regardless of your sleeping habits, the Sonic Bomb will be sure to wake you up from your sound sleep. At a very unneeded volume ...

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Have Clocky force you out of bed in the morning

Are you one of those people who hit the snooze button 5 times before finally getting up, only to realize that you are now going to be late for work? Well if that sounds like you, then maybe Clocky is right for you. Clocky is simply a robot clock; if you press snooze more than once, Clocky will drive off ...

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Amaze family and friends with digital photo frame

The Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame is a digital picture frame with a kick. One of the best features that this frame has that is unique is its calendar function. This lets you pick pictures for specific dates, like that anniversary you always forget or a friend�s birthday. Ehh, this is starting to look pretty nice now, isn�t it? In ...

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