Have Clocky force you out of bed in the morning


Are you one of those people who hit the snooze button 5 times before finally getting up, only to realize that you are now going to be late for work? Well if that sounds like you, then maybe Clocky is right for you. Clocky is simply a robot clock; if you press snooze more than once, Clocky will drive off your nightstand and roll around, not turning off the alarm until you get out of bed and chase the little thing down. Now you can get out of bed awake and pissed off at everything, especially your alarm clock. Lucky for you, you can combat Clocky by setting the snooze time to the max (9 minutes) or putting Clocky on something higher than 2 feet, for Clocky canít fall more than 2 measly feet. Unfortunately for you, however, Clocky works on wood floors as well as carpet, so donít think you can catch it so fast if you have thick carpet. ¬† The newest Clocky comes in 3 colors: white, aqua, and mint; you can also get a shag-covered Clocky, if you like furballs running around your house. If you really canít get up in the morning, then maybe you should dish out $50 and pick up a Clocky, just donít take out your anger on your boss. — Nick Rice

Clocky [via Uber-Review]

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