Amaze family and friends with digital photo frame

ality pixxa lcd photo frame

The Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame is a digital picture frame with a kick. One of the best features that this frame has that is unique is its calendar function. This lets you pick pictures for specific dates, like that anniversary you always forget or a friend�s birthday. Ehh, this is starting to look pretty nice now, isn�t it? In addition to the 512MB built into the frame for 100 photos, there is a card slot for SD, MMC, and MS cards to increase the memory. Now you can look at pictures you just took on your digital camera instantly, or better yet, make your friends feel at home by taking a picture of them and putting it on the frame. Other cool features include an alarm clock and the ability to play music and movies. Hopefully you don�t wake up to �Every Breath You Take� with a picture of your ex-girlfriend/boyfriend staring down at you. Control what shows up on the frame or what music plays with an IR remote. For $300, this 8-inch photo frame is a little pricey, but hey, if you�re one of the forgetful type (quick, when is your anniversary?), then this is perfect for you. — Nick Rice

Ality Pixxa LCD Photo Frame [via ubergizmo]

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