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Weather Sensors Mounted on Commercial Airplanes to Provide Ultra-Accurate Weather Forecasts

Up until recently, meteorologists used a combo of� ground weather sensors, weather balloons, satellite imagery and computer calculations to determine the current weather conditions and future forecast for your location. AirDat uses wallet-sized sensors, attached to commercial jets, to deliver some of the most accurate weather forecasts ever presented. Covering more ground than ever before, AirDat can deliver specific local ...

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Self-Repairing Vehicle Can Fix Itself Mid-Flight

Scientists have found a way to mimic natural healing processes and apply their effects to aircrafts used in commercial flight. The technique maintains small-scale damage that could be overlooked during an inspection. It’s not a permanent solution to maintenance, but a great compliment during flight. This simple but ingenious technique, similar to the bruising and bleeding/healing processes we see after ...

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Jet Airways to offer private quarters

While one airline contemplates adding even more crampage to airplanes, another is focusing on making the intimate first-class seats even more intimate. Which we must say, we must prefer. Jet Airways announced their plans to integrate private suites into their planes which would only house two people. Each passenger has their own wardrobe hanging area, a pullout sleep quarter, along ...

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