Breathe, Furry Friend, Breathe!: Device Provides Flying Dogs with Extra Oxygen

As it turns out, all that flying you’ve been doing with your dog in tow could kinda be killing the little guy inside. Literally. As it turns out, dogs are susceptible to hypoxia just like us humans. 4 Paws Aviation created the Supplemental Oxygen Supply Hood to supply your pooch with an adequate amount of oxygen to keep your pet breathing regularly.

And while I’m about 90% sure that the animal pictured above is a stuffed animal (whether it was actually alive at some point I can’t say), I’m sure the Supplemental Oxygen Supply Hood is perfectly safe for living animals too. Yes… perfectly safe. Let me tell you this though… after wearing this thing for a few hours, your dog is going to expect to be fed at the table for the rest of its life just so you can repay your debt to his reputation.

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