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Craiglist Ditching Erotic Services Section: There Goes Your Love Life

The day you’ve been dreading has finally arrived. Criagslist has announced that they will be removing the free-wheeling “erotic” services section of their site and will replace it with an “adult” section. Every post in the adult section will be hand moderated. Apparently taming the shrew just wasn’t enough. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!!! Link

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Give Your Tricks A Treat

Excuse the gutter speak, but I think prostitutes ought to have a little fun with Halloween too. Being a long time street walker, I just might make it a point of mine to make sure some of my tricks get a special treat this year. These Costumed Condoms are sure to get some laughs. If you’re not a bad little ...

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Nintendo DS Drinking Games puts the drunk in, uh, drunk

Warning. Do not buy these games for your pre-teen. These Nintendo DS drinking games compare two of mans favorite pastimes, drinking and gaming, for a fun fix of inebriated activities. How do you win? We guess by being the last to pass out. EA games would rather you call them “gourmet information magazines for the adult”. But we’re just gonna ...

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