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A Varsity Jacket for Stormtroopers

The varsity jacket, the universal symbol for jock superiority, unless you’re in the marching band, in which case you’re just an elitist prick. But seriously, I remember the kids from marching band who used to walk around in varsity jackets and they were all assholes. Walking around in a jacket with a drum embroidered on the shoulder does not impress ...

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Adidas Cellphone Looks and Feels Like a Sneaker

More collectible novelty then serious contender, Adidas introduced a branded cellphone that resembles an Adidas sneaker. The backside of the clamshell device is textured like a rubber treaded sole, while the front of the phone dons the classic Adidas stripes, looking much like the top of the classic Adidas sneaker. Outdated? You bet. But if you’re an Adidas freak or ...

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New Adidas Give You Literal Wings

These are the first pair of shoes that make me want to shout “I AM A GOLDEN GOD!” from the rooftops. And for a guy who’s worn shoes made out of acid sheets, that’s saying quite a lot. Adidass new leather Wings 2.0 shoes by Jeremy Scott are designed to not merely empower, but to look awesome. White man can’t ...

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Adidas Originals Stormtrooper and Darth Vader Sneakers

Star Wars is one of the most iconic movies of all-time. Never has their been a film which influenced pop culture to such a ridiculous extent. Everything from Jar Jar to the Death Star has become a culture phenomenon, for better or for worse. Who wouldn’t mind having a new pair of kicks, specially designed to incorporate iconic Star Wars ...

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