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Solar Cell-Coated Supertower to Be Higher Than Burj Dubai

We thought everything was bigger in Dubai. Santa Monica building designer Tommy Landau created a model for a 224-story supertower which could one day stand in Abu Dhabi. Hell, the model itself is almost as tall as a man. The structure, aside from far eclipsing the 2,600 ft. Burj Dubai, would be coated in solar cells which would allow the ...

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Past Sci-Fi Flicks Are The Future Of Masdar

Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates has a vacant plot of land which will be used to hold “Masdar City,” the first city to rely entirely on solar energy. The transit system will be much like the robotic taxi-cab in Total Recall, sans self-destruct mechanism. The system consists of a fleet of solar-powered programmable vehicles that seat six which will ...

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