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Solar Cell-Coated Supertower to Be Higher Than Burj Dubai

We thought everything was bigger in Dubai. Santa Monica building designer Tommy Landau created a model for a 224-story supertower which could one day stand in Abu Dhabi. Hell, the model itself is almost as tall as a man. The structure, aside from far eclipsing the 2,600 ft. Burj Dubai, would be coated in solar cells which would allow the ...

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Past Sci-Fi Flicks Are The Future Of Masdar

Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates has a vacant plot of land which will be used to hold “Masdar City,”� the first city to rely entirely on solar energy. The transit system will be much like the robotic taxi-cab in Total Recall, sans self-destruct mechanism. The system consists of a fleet of solar-powered programmable vehicles that seat six which will ...

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