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Asteroids Wall Decals

OK, look, I know I was just saying how much of a futuristic geek I am, but it seems I’m more stuck in my retro roots than I originally thought. All the proof I needed was the boner I got when I saw these awesome Asteroids Wall Decals. I remember first jamming out to Asteroids on a vintage Atari 2600 ...

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Atari 2600 iPod Dock

What is the deal with all these people ripping apart perfectly good video game consoles in favor of upgrading them with the latest technology? Sometimes retro is better! That being said, this is a nice looking iPod dock. It’s a broken iPod clock/radio shoved inside an Atari 2600 shell. My guess is that this mod took no more than an ...

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The Last HOPE Talks Available Online

It’s been a few weeks since we attended the Last HOPE Conference but it’s still fresh in our minds. For those of you who didn’t get a chance to attend or missed some of the great talks, there is good news to be had. 2600 has kindly put up all of the talks on their website, including both streaming and ...

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Circuit Bending with the Atari 2600 Synthcart

There’s nothing I love more than making good electronic music from classic video game consoles. This video is a great example of someone using circuit bending techniques to generate sounds from an old Atari 2600. Using Paul Siocum’s Synthcart, the user is able to create original pieces using the 2600’s built-in sound chips. Nothing beats the DIY instrument movement. If ...

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