Circuit Bending with the Atari 2600 Synthcart

There’s nothing I love more than making good electronic music from classic video game consoles. This video is a great example of someone using circuit bending techniques to generate sounds from an old Atari 2600. Using Paul Siocum’s Synthcart, the user is able to create original pieces using the 2600’s built-in sound chips.

Nothing beats the DIY instrument movement. If you have an 2600 collecting dust in your home, you should seriously consider getting yourself a Synthcart. At $25, it’s a dirt-cheap investment that will allow you to get started at creating your own chiptunes. The author even offers a downloadable ROM for free in case you want to try before your buy.

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  1. ‘Circuit Bending technique’ generally requires more than placing a cartridge into a video game console………

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