Asteroids Wall Decals


OK, look, I know I was just saying how much of a futuristic geek I am, but it seems I’m more stuck in my retro roots than I originally thought. All the proof I needed was the boner I got when I saw these awesome Asteroids Wall Decals. I remember first jamming out to Asteroids on a vintage Atari 2600 (a little before my time, so it was indeed a legacy machine). What can I say, it was love.

Anyway, these wall decals would look bangin’ in my home office. I know interior design is supposed to be the hobby of woman and womanly men, but count me in if we’ll be playing with decals like this. Grab your own “Space Rocks” decal set for $44.95.

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  1. It is beautiful. Renders a feeling of ‘my private space and i enjoy being here..’

  2. Check out Brick Breaker at the surface store ( They also have some cool retro robots, I used the robots in my place, wish I had the right space for their BB design…

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