Swatch Infinity concept watch overcomes size obstacle

swatch infinity watch

Watches are one product that has done its job well over the years, and not too much has been done to revolutionize this function. Sure, many have tried to stuff in more hi-tech features, but most of these devices just wind up looking bloated and unseemly.

Swatch’s new Infinity Concept Watch (there is such a thing as a concept watch?) completely erases these stereotypes. This media device plays music and video, records audio, and creates/views photo albums on its beautiful screen. Oh yeah, it can tell time pretty well too. Now if we could only see this baby put on the market. Then again, chances are we won’t be able to afford it even if a production model is made. –Nik Gomez

Infinity Concept Watch: Mp3s/Videos/Photos on your wrist [via Gadgetell]

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