Super Effective Conversion Rate Optimization Techniques

The ultimate goal of search engine optimization is attracting web users who want to buy goods or services that generate revenue for a website. Even if you have ace SEO tactics that drive in thousands of people each minute, this traffic won’t matter unless it converts to paying customers, subscribers or followers. In order to do that, site admins need to focus on conversion rate optimization (CRO) as much as SEO. Here are several proven to be effective CRO methods all websites should try:

Include a Compelling Call-to-Action Button

When a user gets redirected to a page via an ad or any other link, the landing page must be optimized to receive the user and compel him or her to take an action. The page design plays a huge role here. More importantly, what matters is the call to action. Write a killer CTA copy and create a very noticeable button on your site for users to click on. The CTA button should be visible above the fold, and it should be one of the first things the web user sees. The CTA button should also be in a compelling color. Most sites use red for the button color, and white for the text copy. This color combination makes the button easy to notice regardless of what else is on the page.

Keep the Page Focused on One Thing

Do not litter the page with many offers, product pitches, text or anything else. Design the page in a minimalist manner and focus on just one or two things, be it a product or a blog post. Internet users are easily distracted. When they visit a page, it should be able to convey the meaning of the site immediately. For example, if a visitor clicked on an ad for a soap bar and came to your site, the soap bar in the ad should be the focus of the landing page. Give visitors what they want, and do not confuse them with too many things. You can create highly attractive landing pages with a reputable online marketing company that specializes in improving the conversion rate.

Design Content for Humans

Content is a great tool to drive conversions. The most basic rule for creating content is to tailor it for humans, not search engine algorithms. While littering a blog post or an image description with keywords is great for good search engine rankings, the content should be ultimately comprehensible to humans who visit the site. Good content leads to excellent organic search results, which converts to great conversions.

Avoid “Text Walls”

Do not bombard readers with a “wall of text” the moment they arrive on the site. The landing page must be optimized with eye-pleasing graphics and minimal text. Web users flee sites when they see a lot of text to read. People are naturally visually oriented, and even more so online. So, imagery plays a big role in driving conversions as well.

The conclusion is that your website must be well prepped to convert the traffic SEO brings in. Do not dedicate all your resources to doing SEO. CRO matters more to your company’s bottom line, so do dedicate some time and money to it.

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