Sticky Notes That Don’t Have The Sticky!

Are you a fan of sticky notes but not a fan of sticky? Well if you are then Slickynotes are the next greatest invention for you!


Slickynotes are stickynotes without the sticky, they utilize static cling to stick rather than adhesive. Rather than the one side usable sticky notes, the Slickynote can be used on both sides and each side is erasable! Just stick it to a while board using static cling! One side of the Slickynote functions the same way that a regular stickynote would and allows users to write on it in pen or pencil. The other side of the Slickynote is made from whiteboard like material that creates a static cling that is usable for weeks, this is also the erasable side! Is there a downside to this unique new form of note-leaving? Well, if the message is written on the static side there is no way to stick the note to anything since it lacks the static cling; however, this can easily be remedied with a magnetic surface and a magnet.

The Slickynote pad comes in a pad of 100 notes for around $4 in a standard size but it is available in other sizes as well.

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