Starladder CS:GO Major 2019

The Major tournament is the biggest event on CS:GO pro scene. Due to new regulations, only 2 Major CS:GO events can be held in the same year, and that rule stands for 2019 too. The first Major event in this year was IEM Katowice and the second one is StarLadder Major Berlin 2019. Stay tuned, read everything you need to know about this tournament and be accompanied with

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Initial Details

StarLadder 2019 Major is taking place in Berlin. The total prize pool is $1,000,000 and the winner takes half of it, the second place is $150,000 and the third and fourth place takes $70,000 which is more than a grand prize on half of the Tier 1 tournaments. The money can tell you how big this event is. 

The tournament started with initial 24 teams. Two main stages are already over and only 8 teams remain. The last stage, so-called playoffs are on schedule for September, 5. in Mercedes-Benz Arena and it will last for 3 days. Teams that managed to qualify are Astralis, Liquid, ENCE, Vitality, Natus Vincere, AVANGAR, Renegades, and NRG. Each of those teams received a “Legend Status” which means that they will have a direct invite to the New Legends Stage at the next Major CS:GO championship. Further, each team already secured $35,000 and they need to win only 1 match to double that amount. This is not about the money anymore, there is only one question left. Who will lift the trophy? 

Favorites To Win

There are too many favorites to win this tournament. Let’s see who has the best predispositions.

Astralis won last 2 Major CS:GO championships including the one in 2019. They are on a winning streak and one of the favorite teams to win.
Liquid is currently the best team in the whole world. They had 23 victories in a row before they came to this Major. They are expected to win this and it surely puts them in a tough position with a lot of pressure on their backs. 
ENCE is a wonder from the last Major. They were completely unknown but yet, they made it all the way up to the Grand Finals. This victory can be their redemption for the last Major and a lot of broken hearts. The crowd still supports them and you can hear them after every round singing: “EASY FOR ENCE”. Will the crowd support and will to redemption be enough for this team to win? 
Vitality is the second-best team in the world. However, they have the best player out there, ZywOo. Can he make a difference and lead his team to the victory? 
Na’Vi a team that is always on a Top but yet, they never won a single Major. Will this be their first one? Who knows. They have s1mple and that man can make the impossible possible. 
All of those teams can win this event without any doubt. The only teams that we can cross off are AVANGAR, Renegades and NRG. They are still not on the right level to win this kind of event. 

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