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As a newbie entering into the vast world of Runescape, the game might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed. From Lore lands to explore, learning 23 unique skills, to an abundance of creatures to slay, it is easy to see why most novice players end up getting lost along the path to riches.

And with the much anticipated OSRS Mobile on the horizon, Lumbridge’s cow fields will soon be jam-packed like a PKer’s loot bag again. As a result, common OSRS money-making schemes like spinning flax, tanning hides, and collecting feathers might end up shredding your profits to pieces.

While you can go here to  buy OSRS – Old School Runescape – Gold and make an instant wealth jumpstart, consider reading this post for advice on how you can use various tactics to create wealth on OSRS without spending a single dime.

The great thing is that you do not have to spend hours sifting through hundreds, if not thousands, of guides, YouTube videos, and Reddit posts to make a considerable amount of wealth in Old School RuneScape when we have done all the strength training and hard work for you!

We have sort wisdom from the minds of RuneScape veterans who’ve used this Old School RuneScape money-making guide to generate tons of GP every single day. Yes, the very same revolutionary tactics that will help you accumulate both long and short-term wealth in OSRS rapidly. After all, who doesn’t want to level up as fast as possible and own top-tier gear while genuinely enjoying the gaming experience?

Below is a look at three ways you can rake in gold on OSRS without any requirements.

OSRS Money Making Guide

1. Looting: OSRS Spoils of War

Old School RuneScape Gold Guide

If you are still new to Gielinor, making cash to fund your ventures quickly might seem like a skill that you have to learn. Luckily, looting supplies that have been left by other players in high-traffic PVP or player-versus-player areas is one of the most rewarding solutions for both seasoned and newbie adventurers looking for gold.

Looting on OSRS and How to go About it

Looting, at its core, is grabbing the spoils that have been left lying around after a PVP combat. Specific areas and worlds within Old School RuneScape are designated player vs. player zones. In these zones, players engage in intense battles through range, melee, and magic to reap the rewards of fallen foes, which is typically their supplies, weapons, and armor.

Considering that OSRS player inventories only have 28 spaces, most of the loot left after combat will not be picked up. As such, items that have been left on the ground are removed from the game if they are not scooped up by scavenging players.

This is an opportunity to rake in free treasure.

When an OSRS player hits the ground after a fatal Knock Out blow, stand where they fell and wait.

The duel’s winner will pick whatever they want and leave what they don’t need where they lie. Go in and check it out. In a matter of minutes, you will get access to an array of hot-ticket items that you can sell for heaps of OSRS gold. Question, however, is – what spots are the best to loot?

Pro Tip: Check out the following OSRS looting hot spots

Deep Wilderness Teleport Locations

Populated towns in player vs. player worlds (Seers Village, Varrock, Edgeville)

Revenant Caves

Edgeville Bounty Hunter Mini-game

It does not matter if you are a 15-year-old pro or a total newbie, consider giving this Old School RuneScape money-making tactic a shot. You could end up being surprised by how quick and easy this “0” requirement money-making method can irrespective of your OSRS experience.

2. Item Flipping: Re-Investing for Long-Term Success

Old School RuneScape Money Making

Imagine this; you are standing beside the majestic pillars of Varrock’s GE (Grand Exchange). There are people all around chatting, your best weapon is in hand, and you have your favorite pair of stylish boots on, complete with your fashionscape attire. Out of nowhere, a low-level OSRS player approaches you for a tradeoff, showing off 50 million like he’s just unearthed third-age after completing a tricky clue.

You wonder how he’s managed to earn all that gold!

Sometimes in Old School RuneScape, to earn money, you will need money. While there’s a pool of guides, you can plunge into, one of the most effective paths to generating lots of long-term gold is by flipping items on the Grand Exchange.

Understanding Flipping and How You Can Profit from It

Item flipping is essentially the art of buying items at a low price and selling them at a higher price. Doesn’t that sound familiar? This is the same way “merchanting” works in the real financial world. Since RuneScape prices vary based on necessity or rarity, you can flip different items that stack in quantity like 1,000 potions or lobsters or issues with a high ticket value like a pair of dragon claws.

Let’s say you have a boatload of freshly caged lobsters and want to flip them, here is how you can make good money using OSRS’ price margins:

Buy a lobster to know the selling price – let’s say its 131 GP

Sell it to find its buying price – let’s say it’s 141 GP

Subtract these numbers to determine the profit margin – which is 10 GP/lobster

What is left for you to do is take advantage of this very juicy margin. So, what do you do?

Put in a significant offer before buying a large number of lobsters (1,000+) for 131 GP a piece. When they have bought, quickly toss them back into the General Exchange for 141 GP a piece and wait! Or go and loot so more supplies.

After a while, all your lobsters will sell, and you will score an extra 10,000+ GP with minimal effort and no skills at all. Imagine how fast you will make gold when you scale up to over 10,000 lobsters! And the great thing is that you can use this technique as a F2P money-making method in Old School RuneScape too.

Want to learn more about this technique? Watch the video below for tips on how to improve your OSRS money-making skills.

3. Buying Old School RuneScape Gold: Here’s What You Need to Know

Old School RuneScape Gold

To this point, you have learned two of the most lucrative ways of making both long and short-term OSRS gold.

That’s good. However, these tactics may still consume your time like 99-slayer.

Remember the low-level chap you met at the GE? Yes, the guy who flaunted 50 Mil. He is back. And this time he is eager to showcase his 200 million stacks of shiny gold, which, he promptly follows up with a cheeky little “lol.”

Don’t mind him because chances are he did not get all that gold runecrafting to 99 at the OSRS nature altar or PK-ing 7 Armadyl God swords – rather, he bought it from a trusted supplier.

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