Stab Yourself, It’s Fun


If you’ve ever played the game Full Throttle or seen the movie Aliens, you’re familiar with the “game” of laying your hand down flat on a table and using a knife to stab at the table in between your fingers. The trick is to not hit your hand. There’s no pay off for winning the game but there is most certainly a penalty for losing.

Drawing inspiration from the electronic game Simon, Aram Chang has designed a safe and alternative way of stabbing yourself in a computer generated sequence. If you hit your hand, the game ends; if you complete the sequence, you build up your score. So now there’s a payoff but practically no penalty? Where’s the fun in that?

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  1. u suck wot u really wanna do is get a dart board and put it over ur bely and chest and get ur mate 2 cuck a knife at the board or shoot at it with a gun thas wot u call fun

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