Spotify To Launch Limited Free Mobile Access On December 11!

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Spotify will be offering up free limited mobile access to their service which will launch on December 11.


The Spotify free mobile tier will launch December 11th at a press event in New York according to the Wall Street Journal report. Just what does free mean? Well it doesn’t mean that users will get unlimited on demand access to Spotify but it does mean that users will get less restricted access when listening to collections and playlists that they have created previously.

Before the mention of free access, Spotify users had to pay $10 a month to stream music from mobile devices, could listen for free on desktops or pay $5 a month to listen on desktops without ads. The new limited free option offers a mobile solution. So why all of a sudden is Spotify giving free access? Simple, it’s the only way to stay competitive in the mobile market. With so many free listening solutions for mobile users, Spotify risked losing out on a huge portion of the market unless they offered a free mobile option. Sure, the free service will feature ads, but looking at current free listening options this is nothing new.

What are the limitations on free Spotify access? There are no limitations defined just yet but the December 11 event should serve to outline these more clearly.

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