Spongebob USB Drive mates with a blowfish


This, my friends, is very sadly not a real product. Although we hope that the coverage of the design gets enough press so that it DOES become an actual product. This Spongebob USB drive looks like any other old drive. That is, until it’s full of data.

When the drive is full of your data, the Spongebob case expands into a blowfish-like mutant creature. You might ask yourself, what the hell does a blowfish have to do with Spongebob? Well, at least they both live under the sea. We’ve seen more obscure unions in the past. — Andrew Dobrow

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  1. This is greate!
    I love SpongeBob and would really like a USB of him. And Mss. Puff. U know, the blowfish. SpongeBobs driving teacher.

    can u also design SpongeBob boxing pants? 🙂

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