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Untooned: Patrick Star In Real Life

Wow, Beldar Conehead has really let himself go. In this exceedingly creepy Photoshop job by DeviantArt user Brushcommander, Patrick Star from SpongeBob Squarepants comes alive, if that’s what you call this. Reality really is scarier than fiction sometimes. Link [via]

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Spongebob Cake Has Geometrically Inaccurate Square Pants

How big of a Spongebob fan are you or members of your family? Enough that you’d dedicate an entire event to the square pants-donning sea creature? Luckily for you, Spongebob’s rectangular shape makes him easy to integrate as a birthday cake design. Everyone loves cake. I mean, come on, yummylicious OM NOM, right? We can only hope that making your ...

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Spongebob USB Drive mates with a blowfish

This, my friends, is very sadly not a real product. Although we hope that the coverage of the design gets enough press so that it DOES become an actual product. This Spongebob USB drive looks like any other old drive. That is, until it’s full of data. When the drive is full of your data, the Spongebob case expands into ...

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