SpiceHood warp speeds your kitchen to the future


So you’ve seen it in the movies, someone is making dinner (probably pasta), and they drop too much of one ingredient into the sauce. Maybe this has even happened at your house (but not by you, of course). The SpiceHood takes care of this problem while serving other purposes simultaneously. It is a cooker hood that has an integrated spice rack that also dispenses the herbs and spices when you want. Because it sits on the wall, it also lets you clean up the counter by getting rid of your wooden spice rack. So how does it work? It takes in air from when you are cooking and filters it so that it can meet the needed temperature and humidity of the herbs. It allows the spices to be kept in an environment that is dry and ideal for storage. It is able to maintain a desired temperature by sucking in air when you aren’t cooking and regulating itself that way. Now the real kicker: it allows you to tell it what you want to make and it spits (well, dispenses) the correct amount of spices and herbs you need! How futuristic is that?! The ingredients just slide right out of a drawer at the bottom of the device.


Nik Gomez

SpiceHood [Yanko Design]

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