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Why It Would Be Awesome To Be The Child Of A Spice Girl

Rich kids get all the luck. Not only are these kids the offspring of Posh Spice and that damn Beckham guy, but they get extravagant gifts as well. Victoria Beckham is buying the kids a $50,000 tree house! I mean, what the fuck? My entire house is barely worth that. The 9ft Treetent from Neiman Marcus is said to be ...

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SpiceHood warp speeds your kitchen to the future

So you’ve seen it in the movies, someone is making dinner (probably pasta), and they drop too much of one ingredient into the sauce. Maybe this has even happened at your house (but not by you, of course). The SpiceHood takes care of this problem while serving other purposes simultaneously. It is a cooker hood that has an integrated spice ...

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