Sperm Powered Nanobots? I Offer My Services As A Fuel Tank


What would you say if we told you that scientists believe that future nanobots might be powered by the energetic little baby makers which live in the darkness of your scrotum? In fact, researchers have issued a preliminary report that states that sperm might be the perfect fuel to light a fire in the asses of nanobots.

A research project revealed that a solution for fueling the multitudes of nanobots that are sure to be used in the future, could be using one of the most wasted products in the world. Sperm, of course. Why impregnate tissues and bed sheets with the stuff when we could be supplying the future with a productive fuel? Will a naughty nurse be aiding in our fuel supply efforts? — Andrew Dobrow


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  1. Maybe that was the purpose of the erotic holograms and ‘milking’ machine in the futuristic film THX 1138…..?

  2. Well lets just say that if there’s a day in the near future where the price per barrel of ‘crude milk’ directly affects the price of a full tank of gas for a nanobot, well I’m opening a refinery.

    And we hire naughty nurses not ‘milking machines’

    They take all the fun out of it 😉

  3. so if sperm is a fuel then is the american military going to invade my balls?

  4. I doubt they would invade your ‘balls’ – I mean, there is enough homo-eroticism within the military and the jails to fill that job hands down (or wherever they put them). Can’t imagine how they would tax it, though…

  5. “so if sperm is a fuel then is the American military going to invade my balls?”


  6. It’s probably gonna be half sex toy and half sperm powered nanobot.

  7. Yeah, I’ll bet that it won’t be human sperm it’ll run off of – It’ll be something they can milk in much higher quantities per-session, like horses or something.

    Assuming these nanobots are designed for human intravenous injection, it’s unlikely they’ll be designed to go for the ‘nads to refuel, since it wouldn’t work too well in women :p

    I’m thinking they’ll probably find a way to detach the protein tail from the sperm and use that as an injectable fuel source along with the nanobots. – although, I’d be much more impressed if they could use a way to leverage fat cells already in the body, since it’s already there. Food for thought 🙂

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