Sony Hires Former DHS Employee as New Security Officer

Several months after the massively public hacking of PSN, Sony seems to be motivated to make some�personnel�changes. With Sony Entertainment Network being launched last week, we agree that this is probably a really good idea. And while Safemart may be having some good 10th anniversary deals on their security systems, I think Sony needs to implement further means of security. I suppose that is why they hired a new security officer though, right?

Philip Reitinger was previously the director of the US National Cyber Security Center. Now, he’s going to become senior vice president, and will have the title of “Chief Information Security Officer”. Philip Reitinger’s previous positions include working for Microsoft, as well as the US Department of Defense.

Not surprisingly, Sony has had a rough year following the hacking of their online network. Since the hacking, Sony shares have fallen a staggering 55%. The company is now taking steps to rebuild their reputation, as well as their position in the tech industry.

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