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Noby Noby Boy Hat and Scarf

Your favorite ravenous worm-thing of the moment, Playstation’s version of The Hungry, Hungry Caterpillar, Noby Noby Boy, wasn’t quite our bag when we checked it out a few months. It’s a nice little game if you happen to be drunk and lazing around on the couch, but probably not worth the $5 it costs. If you’re a bigger fan of ...

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Sony, The PS3 and the Emotion Engine

If you’re one of the lucky people who own a first-gen PS3 model (back when WiFi wasn’t standard and shit), your system has what’s called an Emotion Engine chip. Think of it as an extra heart for your PS3 that allows you to have a full Playstation 2 inside. Sony removed it a few years back to cut costs and ...

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Op-Ed: A Case For The PlayStation Network

Lately, I’ve been playing my PS3 quite a bit. But aside from UFC 2009: Unleashed, I haven’t been playing titles built for the system. No, I’ve been dropping $5 or $10 here and there and replaying classic PSOne titles. For $9.99, you can download games like Resident Evil: Director’s Cut and Final Fantasy VII and play them in all their ...

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Final Fantasy Tactics Coming to PS3, PSP

Call me biased, but my favorite game for the original PlayStation is Final Fantasy Tactics. You can imagine my excitement when I read that the ESRB has rated Tactics for release on PSN. It’ll be available for download for both the PS3 and PSP and I’m guessing it’ll be priced around $9.99. The real question is, will they fix the ...

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