Solar Bulb Keeps The Sun Coming Back For More

solar bulb

While some of us don’t care for saving energy due to the need for our iPod docks and Plasma TV sets (all of which require a lot of power), others may actually want to live past 2025. So if you’re looking to cut energy bills, may I suggest you check out the Bulb Solar Lamp?

It’s actually not a bulb made from glass but rather a solar panel that glows in the dark that’s shaped like a bulb. Rather than to explain to you how solar energy works and why it’s better for your home, I’m just going to go ahead and assume you’re not retarded. For $48 and a small form-factor, you might as well pick up one or two and use ’em in the bedroom. Beats having a bright lamp on while you have sex with your wife of 27 years. Damn that prenup.

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