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Pixelated Light Bulb

Rely on a bulb made out of pixels and you’ll likely be left in the dark. This ain’t no 2D world, sucka. We need light with three dimensions. I could see this working in a awesome in a totally pixel-themed room, but other than that this shit will just look out of place and pretty useless. I love it, but ...

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The Plumen Commands You To Bend It

The light bulb. It’s a great invention and it really hasn’t been changed all that much over the years. London-based electronics company Hulger is trying to mix things up a bit with the Plumen, a bendable light bulb that you can twist into different shapes. While it’s not available for purchase yet, a working prototype can be seen at MoMA ...

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Solar Bulb Keeps The Sun Coming Back For More

While some of us don’t care for saving energy due to the need for our iPod docks and Plasma TV sets (all of which require a lot of power), others may actually want to live past 2025. So if you’re looking to cut energy bills, may I suggest you check out the Bulb Solar Lamp? It’s actually not a bulb ...

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