Sneak peek at SonyEricsson’s new UIQ interface


For those who are unhappy with the current UIQ user interface employed by SonyEricsson devices, here’s a little something to look forward to. Apparently the UI will have some serious facelift. Here’s a shot snapped from a presentation somewhere, somehow, by somebody. —Sam Chan

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  1. looks like Iphone UI

  2. Recently found your site, not sure where to put this, you guys seem up on your web apps: Radical Spark ( says they have this very cool web app, I hear people talking about it at conferences, speculating. I talked with a developer at the Ruby East conference in PA who said he was working on something *really* cool and I’m very curious as to what this is… Any idea what these folks are up to? Thanks.

  3. UIQs Johan Sandberg (left side in the 2nd pic) said it’s a concept. The pics are shot in London at a press conference.

    Swedish article where i got the info from:

  4. yea it�s like iphone but this is discusting. iPhone is much nicer 🙂

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