Smokey Amp doesn’t give you cancer, but might lead to hearing loss


Musicians are a different breed from the rest of us. They drink, they drug, and almost all of them seem to smoke. Which makes this Smokey Amp so fitting for the traveling musician. Shaped conveniently like a pack of cigarettes, so you’ll never lose your “cool” factor, the Smokey Amp is a high performing amp (for its size), packed into a cancer stick sized box.

While the Smokey Amps are not technically “affiliated” with any cigarette company, they might as well be. Available in a selection of popular brands, including Camel. One of the little square batteries will give you 10 hours of playing time from its 0.5w output. Reviews of the little guy seem all around very good, despite the lack of spec information on the product’s site. The Smokey Amp is available for $45. Check it out for yourself! — Andrew Dobrow

Smokey Amp Product Page [Firebox]

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