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Colorful Car Stereos Add A Dash Of Style To Your Dash

These new car stereos by Clarion stand out among the crowd by offering a colorful choice for your car’s interior design. Clarion offers three new models, the DUB275MP (white color), DFZ675MC (black and blue) and DMZ375 (grey and blue), which will surely add some life back into your vehicle. All models offer 4x50W amps, USB and SD support, as well ...

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Vibe Space Gate: The incredible 38,800-watt bass tunnel

You know that feeling you get when a heavy bass song comes on and you’re in range of a sub-woofer? It’s almost like a strong wind that passes through your sinus passages into your brain. Imagine this feeling, times a lot. The Vibe Space Gate, a 38,800-watt bass tunnel, features 36 Space II subs with a collection of 16 amps. ...

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Smokey Amp doesn’t give you cancer, but might lead to hearing loss

Musicians are a different breed from the rest of us. They drink, they drug, and almost all of them seem to smoke. Which makes this Smokey Amp so fitting for the traveling musician. Shaped conveniently like a pack of cigarettes, so you’ll never lose your “cool” factor, the Smokey Amp is a high performing amp (for its size), packed into ...

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