Sharp EM ONE handheld for eMobile, new Japanese carrier

em one

Today on the Japan mobile front. ADSL infrastructure company eAccess has announced its new mobile carrier for Japan, eMobile. For now, they will carry only one phone. The Sharp EM ONE. eMobile will skim its way into the Japanese market in March with a data-only HSDPA service, which by 2008 should grow to voice data as well.

The Sharp EM ONE runs off of Windows Mobile 5 and looks very similar to other WinMob phones released to WillCom. The EM ONE features Bluetooth 1.2, OneSeg Digital TV support, 4.1-inch wide VGA screen, and a dual sliding screen which reveals a full QWERTY keyboard, much like the design of the newer HTC phones. When eMobile starts to support voice calling so will the EM ONE, but for now can only be used for data purposes.

Voice service is likely to be enabled with NTT DoCoMo to support nation wide calling. As dottocomu points out, not much is known about the new carriers network, but details should unravel rather quickly. — Andrew Dobrow

Product Info Page [K-Tai Impress, via dottcomu]

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