Share Your Tunes With Elecom’s Wireless, Powerless Portable Speaker

Elecom Speaker

Why hoard all of your shitty music when you can torture everyone around you with it? This portable speaker system from Elecom will allow you to to just that without using any power source. All you need to do is plug one end of the included earbuds into your iPod and the other into the side of the speaker and presto – Britney Spears for all to enjoy.

The speaker works through Elecom’s “horn load technology” which circulates and elevates sound in much the same way as a musical instrument transfers air. Unfortunately, there is no word yet on pricing or the quality of the speaker’s sound. More images are available after the jump.

Elecom Speaker

Elecom Speaker

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  1. It will more than likely sound like crap, but at least the music will be louder.

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