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The Japanese love dogs. They decided that it is a good idea to put pedometers on them and estimate how fit they are (no it doesn’t count the proximity between your kids and Michael Jackson). Supposedly dogs tend to move less when they’re sick. Anyway, if your dog has been running around in your house all day, you might not need to bring it out, so this is really handy for people that are too lazy to walk their dogs. And don’t worry, I don’t think your bestfriend is smart enough to cheat. This pedometer is being sold by Yamasa-tokei (Yamasa Watches) in Japan between $6 to $20. You can share it with your dog to make the best out of it. — Sam Chan

Wan-pedometer [Impress]

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  1. Hi, I have a client who would like to use the picture of the dog with a pedometer in her new diet book. I am trying to track down the copyright owner for the proper permissions. Can you help? Here is the url to the picture…

    Thank you!
    Ken Dawes

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